Posted July 2, 2012
Date of Birth: 
Friday, September 14, 1973
Birth Location: 
Brooklyn, New York

Son of a Jazz Musician, Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jone, mostly known as Nas or Nasty Nas, is labeled as one of the greatest MCs of all time and is many times listed and mentioned in the top 5 spots on any list of great MC’s. Starting his career in the early 90s with his hip-hop debut on “Halftime” which caught the attention of Columbia Records. Nas has released 8 platinum and multi platinum albums since his debut album, Illmatic. His debut album Illmatic is revered as a classic and one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

From 1996 to 2005, Nas had a famous beef with Jay Z, where they verbally attacked each other in interviews and on tracks like Nas’ Ether, before they squashed their beef by performing on stage together in 2005. The same year (2005) Nas wed Kelis in Atlanta but went through an ugly divorce in 2009, just months before she delivered their first child together.

This year, Nas became the first rapper to have a personal verified account on RapGenius, a popular site that explains song lyrics. Also this year, Nas gave a legendary performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, after years of not performing, with Lauryn Hill.

Nas has two kids, a daughter, Destiny, from his ex-fiance Carmen Bryan and a son, Knight, by his ex wife Kelis. Recent allegations about his daughter’s behavior led Nas to release a new song entitled Daughters that is featured on his upcoming album Life is Good which is set to be released on July 17, 2012

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